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  1. Oliver Zeisberger (Web / Blog / XING)
  2. Dirk Ginader (Blog / XING)
  3. Kai Uhlemeyer (Blog / XING)
  4. Tim Bruysten (Blog / XING / mnemo)
  5. Georg Leciejewski (Blog / Google) (CakePHP, jQuery, Web Dev, Rails)
  6. Georg Ledermann (Web / XING) (Ruby on Rails)
  7. Mario Heiderich (Blog / XING) (Security [XSS/CSRF/SQLi], Javascript, UI)
  8. Jens Grochtdreis (Blog Webkrauts) (XHTML, CSS, ein bischen PHP und jQuery)
  9. Dirk Olbertz (Blog Blogger.de | Blogscout.de) (PHP, CakePHP, ein bisschen jQuery & Google Maps)
  10. Johannes Lietz (Blog / XING)
  11. Bart Frackiewicz (XING)
  12. fukami (AJAX/XHR-Security, Comparing Tools for Javascript Debugging, MTASC Flash Compiler, Python-based Component Frameworks, MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, Solaris 10 for Developers, Using VMs for RAD)
  13. Sascha A├čbach (Blog / XING)
  14. Ralph Razisberger XING Profil


Lust zu organisieren?


  1. Michael Bumann (blog) - Web Development, Ruby + Rails, JS,
  2. Florian Krakau (pl0g.de / pl0gbar.de / XING) - Hallenmikado, KiTU von daher just mitorga
  3. Timo Derstappen (teemow.com) - CakePHP, jQuery, Jamal
  4. Ralf Kofaldt (Web / XING)


Lust zu helfen (Remote)

  1. Darren Cooper (XING , PHPUGFFM)  (can do: translation, publicity, steward on the day)

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